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msaraii whispered: Salam Alaykum sister! Found your blog today. Subhanallah! It's great! I really love it. Thank ya for this awesome quotes & everything x

Salam Alaykum sister. Alhamdulillah, thank you very much!



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The Beauty of Islam: Attention all Muslim bloggers:


please do not reblog from servantofallah567because he/she keeps stealing pictures from thebeautyofislam and reblogging it with his/her credit. This is unfair to the people on Flickr whom I upload, download from, and leave their credit for their picture. It is unfair to…

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batoteee whispered: Im trying to follow you but you dont have a follow button :(

It should work now! I hope (still trying to get the hang of tumblr)
Glad you like our “blog”!!

Muslim Teen Blessings; for the things we’re grateful for!

We’ve created a new tumblr like MTP except this one focuses on the blessings,joys and wonderful things that Allah gives us.

Please follow it as we won’t be re-blogging the posts from that blog to Muslim Teen Problems. LINK:

I apologize for the latest post.Praying to Allah (swt) should Never be looked at as a hassle or problem. If we can sit and watch new episode of our t.v. shows and movies for hours on end why can’t we pray to Allah when we’re assigned to,thanking him for all that we have and our blessings? I will be sure that when coming up with new themes, to run them by my sisters to distinguish whither they should be “BLESSINGS” or “PROBLEMS”.

May Allah forgive me.

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maybe it’s just my dad =_=

"but you need to get married before your old!"

"I’M 18! BABA!"

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Check out our new tumblr blog! Muslim Teen Blessings:

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